Shin-biology regulated by protein lifetime

Grant-in-Aid for Transformative Research Areas (A) FY2023–FY2027, MEXT Japan

Planned Research

Regulation of lifespan of organelle component proteins
Koji Yamano
Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Yuko Fujioka
Biological Molecular Mechanisms, Institute for Genetic Medicine, Hokkaido University

The branched ubiquitin chains are considered as one of the key ubiquitin code regulating protein lifespan. We have found that the branched ubiquitin chains are abundant ubiquitin modifications in cells and promote protein degradation through the proteasome. Therefore, this research project aim at elucidating the role of the ubiquitin chain branching enzymes and branched ubiquitin codes in the regulation of protein lifespan.

  1. Regulation of protein lifespan by the ubiquitin chain branching enzymes
    Identification of target proteins regulated by the ubiquitin chain branching enzymes
  2. Lifespan of the E3 ubiquitin ligases
    Elucidating the mechanism of the code conversion from K63-linked chains to the branched ubiquitin chains
  3. Signaling pathways modifying protein lifespan
    Elucidating the mechanism how signal transduction pathways regulate the protein lifespan.
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